Hormozan Oil Company as an independent private unit, it was established in 1390 with the subject of production and packaging of all kinds of bitumen grades and since the beginning of its activity, it has started building a bituminous unit in the vicinity of Bandar Abbas oil refinery.

From the beginning of its activity, Hormozan Oil Group has placed compliance with standards and using modern technologies for the construction of bitumen production unit and now, with an advanced process control system, it is able to produce all kinds of construction and road construction bitumen grades in accordance with national and international standard and all manufactured products have been quality approved by reliable inspection companies such as SGS.

The production process, facilities and equipment of different units of Hormozan oil factories are under the supervision of expert and experienced engineers and the quality and production process of the products have been reviewed and audited by the quality control unit and the manufactured products are continuously tested and quality checked based on the requirements and according to national and international standards by using modern laboratory devices and equipment.

Vacuum baton feed for bitumen production is mainly supplied from Bandar Abbas refinery and through the dedicated pipeline of Hormozan oil factories.

Considering the location and location of Hormozan Oil Company and its proximity to the Shahid Rajaei Bandar Abbas port complex, as well as Having facilities, tanks and a dedicated terminal in the Persian Gulf port has made Hormozan Oil Company the main player in the production and export of bituminous products in the region