Petrosanat Hormozan

Targeting production of different roofing and paving bitumen grades, “Petrosanat Hormozan”, a division under “ Hormozan Industrial Group” was founded in 2004 and is in operation as one of the first independent reputable private companies ever established in Iran which manufactures and supplies bitumen products to the specialized roadwork and construction related companies both locally and internationally. The company is one of the market leaders in the supply of a wide range of raw bitumen products, such as oxidized bitumen (blown bitumen), penetration-grade bitumen, and viscosity-grade bitumen to consumers worldwide. Our products have captured a substantial share of the market due to the high quality and reliability. The various ranges of the company’s products are backed by ongoing research and development of our highly qualified staff, applying the experience gained over years in this industry which also supports company missions to provide its valued customers with products manufactured with the highest standards, offered with competitive prices and timely delivery, enabling them to build long lasting roads using high performance bitumen.


Research And Development

The Research and Development (R&D) department of the company was launched to centralize research activities and to direct them towards production. Better accountability to customer's needs, diversion of products to comply with international standards, reducing environmental pollution, more communication and interacting with well-experienced staff are among the targets of the department.